Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Almost 2!!! Why???????

It is so sad how fast this little person is growing. I can't make her stop! Brynn continues to be such a little lover and sweetie pie. She is very loving, always wanting hugs and kisses, and I eat it up! She has recently started "talking" more which is fun and interesting. Sometimes she has a lot to say, although I have no idea what she is saying. The words that we do recognize are: eat, eh-wee, mommy, daddy, papa, wubby (her pacifier), baah (bath), mo! (no), yeah, peez (please), bahr (bar), and she has recently started saying something when referring to her water, but I can't even remember how it sounds right now. It sounds nothing like water though, haha.

Brynn has been doing really well at school. I like to sneak in when she isn't looking so I can watch her interact with her peers and teachers. It took her a while to warm up, but now she is a champ. She sits and listens to the story when she is supposed to, she follows simple commands and she understands the flow of her school day. It's pretty amazing to walk into a room full of 2 year olds and see them all follow directions in a calm manner! I have to say hats off to her teachers for having such patience, takes a special person to want to me surrounded by that many 2 year olds!

Brynn is finally coming around and enjoying her sister's company. I think that Ellie use to smother Brynn too much and so Brynn preferred not to play with/near her. Now, they love to play together, most of the time. My heart melts when I see Brynn just run over to Ellie and hug her. They love their bath time together, and it's nice to see them get along, cause I know it won't last forever.

We just love Brynn so much. We can't believe how different she is from her sister. They are pretty much polar opposites, so it will be interesting to watch her grow. Ellie was a difficult toddler, but as she gets bigger she is so smart and witty. I wonder what Brynn will be like when she is Ellie's age. We are having a great time watching her discover new things and enjoy life. We are looking forward to the next year with Brynnie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Starting School Tomorrow

Here I am again, months later doing another post. Life gets busy! It's hard to sit down and think about writing on these blogs. Lately, however, I have had a heavy heart as I am going back to work tomorrow, and the girls are going to a new school. I am not worried too much about Ellie, because she is excited to learn and make friends. I do not think Brynn is excited. She's a mama's girl, and a homebody, and she is kind of shy. She is not used to being around a big group of kids, and a new group of adults. She's still shy around her own grandparents! I just feel bad also because she doesn't say much. She has a whole (maybe) 8 words so she can't tell me if she isn't happy or not. I know she will adapt and be fine, it's just a sad transition to have to go through.
In other news, Brynn is still my mellow Marley, for the most part. She is starting to show signs of being two when she doesn't get her way though. Sometimes she will yell, sometimes she will throw herself on the floor, and sometimes she will shake, but nothing lasts more than a couple seconds and she is easily redirected. I am hoping she stays more on the calm side, but know that the two's are well on their way, and I remember what a great heap of fun they are! Brynn's likes right now include swimming, she thinks she can swim without help and gives us quite a workout trying to hang on to her while we are in the pool. She also loves to find things throughout the house and displace them where ever she feels like it. She enjoys pulling multiple wipes out of the wipes case and throwing them all over the room as well! She will play with a couple of toys here and there, but doesn't necessarily have a favorite. She doesn't seem to care about the TV at all either. For some reason, is she finds my phone, she presses the button and tries to talk to Siri every time.
As for her development, Brynn finally started walking when she was 16 months, actually on Mother's Day. It was a pleasant surprise, and an awesome Mother's Day gift. Nowadays, she takes off running and it's pretty cute. She's really into climbing right now. She loves to climb on all the big stairs and ladders at the park and she gives me a heart attack every time. She also loves climbing on the kitchen chairs, the couch, and our bed. She's been attempting to jump for some time now, and she is almost clearing the floor! As I mentioned earlier, Brynn doesn't talk too much, but she does make her needs be known around the house. The "words" she is using on a regular basis are "Mama" or "Mommy", "Dada" or "Daddy", "Papa", "Eh-wee" (Ellie), "Ah-hunn" (all done), "Ma" (more), "Bah" (ball). She's also said a few words when she's been prompted but she doesn't use them on a regular basis. She makes a lot of sounds and we have no clue what she means, but she definitely thinks she's saying something :)
We are looking forward to what she will blossom into once she is in school with her friends.

Well that's about all I have time for now. We just love Brynn to pieces and we cannot believe how old she is getting!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

14 Months

I am such a bad second-time mom.

Pooooooor Brynnie hardly has any blog posts about her. I am sorry my Brynnie Bear! Well, as you can see she is now over 1 year old and I cannot believe it. Brynn is still just cruisin along, not yet walking, but she likes to walk with her push-cart. And just recently, she will actually walk alongside one of us while holding only one hand, so we are getting there! I know a lot of people say your life is over once they start walking, but at this rate I am just ready for her to walk because she wants to get down and crawl everywhere-- Target, Costco, the Park, the gym... she's ruining all of her clothes cause she won't get off her little knees!

Lately, her favorite thing to do is climb all over the couches and bury herself in the pillows, she laughs so hard knowing we are right behind her trying to pull her off the couch. Luckily, she has learned how to get off the couch safely. She is still just loving any and all food we put in front of her. She's not too keen on Oatmeal though, that's about the only thing I think she dislikes, but I don't mind, cause it's messy anyway. She still loves the bath and loves to splash like we are in an Orca show at Sea World, the entire bathroom is soaked after bathtime is done.

She's starting to really "love" Ellie like a sister would... (That's said with sarcasm) Ellie is in that stage where she wants to help whenever possible, and it's nice, sometimes. When she tries to pick up Brynn, or force Brynn to do things she doesn't want to do, it's not so nice, and Brynn gets upset. I have even seen Brynn swing at Ellie like "Leave me alone!" ....you can't help but chuckle under your breath.

Brynn is using her voice quite a bit. She still says "mama" "dada" "Eh-Wee" and now "mah" (more). I have been trying to get her to say please and Auntie, she will get there soon enough I am sure. I am not going to rush that though, we already have one motor mouth in the house :)

Well that's about it for now. Hopefully I will write again soon, before she starts Kindergarten!