Tuesday, January 7, 2014

38 Weeks... See you soon, Brynn!

Here I am at 38 weeks, only 14 days to go!

Well, Brynn, it is almost time. We are so excited to meet you. Everyday we talk about you, and your big sister often asks when you will be here. Overall, you have been real easy on me throughout this pregnancy. You've almost been so easy that I have been worried! I didn't feel you move too much in the beginning, and I was scared because I remember feeling your sister at about 19 weeks. I didn't feel you until about 25/26 weeks. I guess maybe you're just more laid back, more mellow? Who knows.

I have felt better through this pregnancy with all of my aches and pains as well. It may be because I am already used to what it is like to be stretched out from doing this before, or it may be because your sister keeps me so busy I just don't have time to notice that I am in any discomfort. I have even been working out more this pregnancy. I am still working out to this day, and I feel really good when I am there. Today I had some really insane energy while I was working out, it was weird.

Something that is different this time is that I have had some contractions over the past couple days that really didn't go anywhere. Saturday night I had some cramping and back pain for a couple hours, and then Sunday night I had some really intense pain all over my abdomen for about an hour straight. I kinda got scared and thought you might be on your way. I never had contractions before I was actually in labor with Ellie. I started to have back labor, then cramping, then I was in full on labor and went to the hospital. So I am not used to this teasing!

You are much more active at night rather than in the morning. Some days I start to wonder if you're ok, cause you really don't move at all from the time I wake up, until about noon. You night owl!

Well we cannot wait to meet you! I just want to hold you and kiss you and rub your soft little skin! We love you so so much already Brynn. See you soon!