Wednesday, April 9, 2014

12 Weeks

Brynn will be 12 weeks tomorrow. The time is flying by even faster than it did when Ellie was a baby. I am having a hard time even remembering the very beginning with Brynn. And each and every day just zooms by and before I know it I am tucking my sweet Brynn into bed.

Well, so far, Brynn has been so chill. I cannot believe it most days. She is so low-maintenance. She is so easy and pretty predictable. We follow the eat-wake-sleep cycle and I just watch her cues and everything is just seeming to work. When she wakes up, she will eat, then play for a bit and when she starts to get fussy, I swaddle her up and put her to bed. She seems to enjoy her little bed, and enjoys sleeping too. This week she has been rather sleepy. I have had to wake her up to eat! She must be growing...

We went to the doctor at 10 weeks. Doctor said Brynn is healthy overall, but her growth is a little behind on the charts. Doctor wasn't worried and said this may just be how Brynn develops, dainty and petite, but she will re check her growth at the end of the month just to be safe.

Recently Brynn has been coo-ing more, and smiling a lot. What's funny is that she is so smiley in the middle of the night after she eats. I feel guilty that I am the only one who gets to see such a beautiful smile in the wee hours of the morning. :) I think she is starting to recognize her Daddy and Sissy too. It's really starting to get fun!

Well it's a turning point here with the Gregrows... We are moving this weekend into a bigger house, with a yard and more space for us, and we are so, so, excited about it. And, I am finally going back to work on Monday. I have been so focused on packing and moving that it really hasn't hit me yet that I have to go back to work. I am kinda sad about going back, but very happy that Sonya will be watching the girls. So much anxiety and stress is lifted off of my shoulders knowing that my girls will be well taken care of, and thoroughly loved while I am away at work.