Sunday, June 15, 2014

Almost 5 months ALREADY!

I feel super bad because I never find the time to blog anymore. Poor Brynnie, she won't know about her baby-hood!

So Brynn is going to be 5 months tomorrow and I cannot believe it. I now understand why when people have their last child they "baby" them. I still feel like Brynn is 6 weeks old. She is doing all these things that I am not ready for! She is rolling in both directions, grabbing for things, jibber-jabbering up a storm and loving on her sissy. Lately, she has been making the cutest growling sounds, like shes a little dinosaur. It's surreal that she is actually a little human being now.

She has always been on the thin side, but at her last appointment, the doctor finally told me to go ahead and give her rice ceral just so that I could get some more calories in her. Yeah, we tried that, about 5 times, and she just pushed it right out of her mouth every time, so we got over that real quick. I never did rice cereal or oatmeal or even purees really with Ellie so I wasn't real excited to give it to Brynn either. I'm secretly glad she wasn't fond of it. I know Brynn will be fine- even if she is skinny! And I also knew that once I introduced formula, she would start to thicken up- which she has! I started to give her a bottle here and there about two weeks ago, just because she gets real fussy right before bed, and that is when my milk is at it's lowest, so rather than watch her squirm and scream, it's easier to give her a bottle.

I am excited, but also a little overwhelmed to start solids with her. I think we have a little time still before she's ready cause she doesn't have the best trunk control yet, but I do not mind. I plan to do baby led weaning with her, just as I did with Ellie, and I think it will be fun, but also time consuming. I hope she is a good eater like her big sissy!

Overall, so far I can say that Brynn has been a pretty easy going baby. Thank God. I am so happy and lucky to have my two healthy girls.