Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brynn's Birth Story

So, if I could describe Brynn's Birth story and my experience in one word, it would have to be: PROMPT.

Although I was given many side-eyes and various questions as to why, opinions as to why I shouldn't, I decided to schedule an induction for Brynn. My doctor asked me if I wanted to be induced and I was actually quite surprised that she offered. With Ellie, she would not induce me until I was one full week over due. This time, she said, because I had a healthy and problem-free vaginal delivery with Ellie, she did not see any reason why I should need to go over 39 weeks. She said that babies are fully developed by 39 weeks and that any further time in the womb would just be the baby putting on more weight. So, I scheduled my induction for midnight, Thursday, January 16th.

On Wednesday, January 15th, I went about my day as any other day. I was finishing up all the last minute details with packing my bag, getting Ellie ready, and preparing for Brynn to arrive. Ellie and I went to get the car's oil changed, as well as a car wash. While we waited for the car, we walked over to Target and shopped for a bit. I was just enjoying my last few hours with Ellie as an only child. Later that day, I went for a hair appointment and everything was fine. When I got home from the appt, I felt something different than I had before. I went to the bathroom and discovered I was wet. Now, sorry if this is TMI, but I just attributed it to the end of my pregnancy, Brynn pushing on my bladder and thought it was a little pee that had leaked out. But, once I pulled down my pants I realized that not only were my underwear wet, but my pants were too. I still chalked it up to just being pee, and I even joked with Paul about it. I remember telling him how I can't wait to not pee my pants anymore once this baby was out!

Later that day my mom arrived to stay the night with Ellie. I kept feeling myself leaking from time to time, but again, I just thought it was pee. I text my best friend Brie and told her what was going on. She urged me to call the doctor, but I still didn't want to make a fuss. My mom, Ellie and I went out to dinner (Paul was getting a team workout in before the big day) and I decided I would just wait and see what happened over dinner and if I was still "leaking" I would call. Well, once we got back home I was still leaking. I called. I explained what I was feeling to the on-call doctor and he said "Well, sounds like your water broke to me". So, he said I should head in to the hospital, but not to rush. I then let my mom know, text Paul, and started to get everything together to go. I told Paul to finish up his dinner at his team meeting, and come home and we would go. He got home about 9, showered, and we headed for the hospital.

We checked into the hospital and got settled in, now was the waiting game. I got moved into my room about 11pm, and that's when I started to feel the contractions. They started out very light, I could barely feel them. It wasn't until about 1am when I asked what time would be appropriate to ask for the epidural. I didn't want to miss the window. The nurse said she usually tells her patients to wait as long as they possibly can, so I did. At that point, I wasn't in pain, I just wanted to know what the typical time was to get one. The contractions started to come on stronger, and more close together around 2am. By 3am, I couldn't breathe through them anymore, and I couldn't even open my eyes during them so I decided to get the epidural at that point. Ahhhhhhhh..... the epidural is just wonderful. After getting it, I was able to rest with a few exceptions of the nurse coming in to have me switch sides or adjust my monitors. A few checks later, I was complete and ready to push around 6:15. The doctor came in, and I pushed 7 times, and my beautiful Baby Brynn was born at 6:29am, weighing 6lbs, 13oz and 20 inches long. Her Daddy had a rough time and almost passed out during the delivery because he said he "saw too much". He started to get queasy, started to sweat, and turned pale, he had to sit down. A nurse brought him some juice and he felt better, meanwhile, I cut the umbilical cord! That is something we will laugh about forever I am sure.

Brynn was laid on my chest and she was so tiny! I couldn't believe I had another miracle in my arms and I was so happy. I also couldn't believe how incredibly easy her delivery was! She was so sleepy, of course, but she took to nursing like a natural which was nice. Soon after her arrival we were greeted with all of our family. Ellie was the first one to get to hold her, besides Paul and myself. She was so excited, and I think she was a little stunned too. We are so happy to have our complete family of four.

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