Monday, August 18, 2014

7 Months...Gulp!

3 months

It is so amazing to me how fast time flies with the second child. I still feel like I just had her last month. I cannot believe she is already 7 months.

Brynn has had a few new milestones lately. She is now eating solids. I am feeding her purees because her motor control is not ready to do baby led weaning like I did with Ellie. Brynn really enjoys eating from a spoon. So far she's had applesauce, peaches, zuchinni, sweet potatoes, avocado, blueberries, bananas, green beans, peas and rice cereal. I need to cut out some time to cook up a bunch of food and freeze it for her, but we have been on the go lately. I plan to make up some food for her this week, and we will be letting her try new things as well. She seems to love eating, and hasn't really turned away from anything. She makes a few funny faces when trying anything sweet, which is interesting to me, cause she sure made me eat a lot of sweets while I was pregnant... haha.

4 months

Brynn is finally able to sit up on her own. I am glad she is sitting on her own now I was kind of getting worried that she wasn't sitting by 6 months, but I keep telling myself, all babies are different. She just took a bit longer. Now she will sit on the rug and play with toys for quite some time. She is even trying to crawl! She will either lay on her belly and pivot around to get different toys, or she will army crawl or roll to whatever it is she needs. She is even bridging up on all fours, and rocking forward and back, but isn't really moving anywhere in that position yet, and I am ok with that!!! I know that once she is mobile I will be in for it!

5 months

Brynn just adores her big sister, Ellie. She loves to stare at her, smile at her, hug and kiss her, and even pull her hair! I think Ellie is going to really start having fun with Brynn as she becomes a little older. I cannot wait until they play together!

Almost 6 months

Overall Brynn is an awesome child. She is just really laid back and pretty calm. If she is fussy, we usually know why and we are able to get her to calm down pretty quickly. She is always smiling, I mean all day long. When she wakes from her naps, she usually just lays in there cooing and singing, and once we walk in she is just smiling from ear to ear. It's quite refreshing and it makes my heart happy.

Almost 7 months

Well that is about it for now. We love our little Brynnie Bear!

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