Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Months

I can't even believe it. Yes, time flies when they are young but I feel like Brynnie's time is flying way faster than I remember Ellie's flying.

So I may or may not be guilty of keeping Brynn behind and treating her like "a baby" for as long as possible. I don't want her to grow up!!! I didn't relize it before, but I actually adore the first year. It's so fun, and they do so much!

Well, Brynn has been chattering more. Although she doesn't say anything more than "mama" and "dada"(sometimes) she is able to understand some language. When we tell her to dance, she will dance and when we ask for a kiss, she leans in, and with an open mouth, plants one on us. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Brynn's absolute favorite time of day is bath time. She would stay in there all night if she could. She loves the water, and splashing and playing with the bath toys.

Brynn is still just standing all day. She likes to stand up and cruise on the couch quite often, but most recently, she loves to stand up while holding onto my or Paul's legs, while we are trying to get things done! When I hold her hands out and try to help her walk, she doesn't really seem interested in taking any steps... but I am more than ok with that for now. She knows how to get from point A to point B if there is something she wants, she is quite quick with her crawl.

Brynnie Kitty

Brynn now has two little bottom teeth, and I think she may be getting a couple more. When the first two came in, she wasn't too fussy, just a little more slobbery. However, lately, she has been fussy and slobbery, and she has also been yanking on her ear. She hasn't had any fevers, so I am pretty sure she's teething. She just hasn't been herself, so I know something is up. For now that is about it. We had fun on her first Halloween, and we are looking forward to her first Thanksgiving and first Christmas!

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