Wednesday, April 29, 2015

14 Months

I am such a bad second-time mom.

Pooooooor Brynnie hardly has any blog posts about her. I am sorry my Brynnie Bear! Well, as you can see she is now over 1 year old and I cannot believe it. Brynn is still just cruisin along, not yet walking, but she likes to walk with her push-cart. And just recently, she will actually walk alongside one of us while holding only one hand, so we are getting there! I know a lot of people say your life is over once they start walking, but at this rate I am just ready for her to walk because she wants to get down and crawl everywhere-- Target, Costco, the Park, the gym... she's ruining all of her clothes cause she won't get off her little knees!

Lately, her favorite thing to do is climb all over the couches and bury herself in the pillows, she laughs so hard knowing we are right behind her trying to pull her off the couch. Luckily, she has learned how to get off the couch safely. She is still just loving any and all food we put in front of her. She's not too keen on Oatmeal though, that's about the only thing I think she dislikes, but I don't mind, cause it's messy anyway. She still loves the bath and loves to splash like we are in an Orca show at Sea World, the entire bathroom is soaked after bathtime is done.

She's starting to really "love" Ellie like a sister would... (That's said with sarcasm) Ellie is in that stage where she wants to help whenever possible, and it's nice, sometimes. When she tries to pick up Brynn, or force Brynn to do things she doesn't want to do, it's not so nice, and Brynn gets upset. I have even seen Brynn swing at Ellie like "Leave me alone!" can't help but chuckle under your breath.

Brynn is using her voice quite a bit. She still says "mama" "dada" "Eh-Wee" and now "mah" (more). I have been trying to get her to say please and Auntie, she will get there soon enough I am sure. I am not going to rush that though, we already have one motor mouth in the house :)

Well that's about it for now. Hopefully I will write again soon, before she starts Kindergarten!

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