Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Almost 2!!! Why???????

It is so sad how fast this little person is growing. I can't make her stop! Brynn continues to be such a little lover and sweetie pie. She is very loving, always wanting hugs and kisses, and I eat it up! She has recently started "talking" more which is fun and interesting. Sometimes she has a lot to say, although I have no idea what she is saying. The words that we do recognize are: eat, eh-wee, mommy, daddy, papa, wubby (her pacifier), baah (bath), mo! (no), yeah, peez (please), bahr (bar), and she has recently started saying something when referring to her water, but I can't even remember how it sounds right now. It sounds nothing like water though, haha.

Brynn has been doing really well at school. I like to sneak in when she isn't looking so I can watch her interact with her peers and teachers. It took her a while to warm up, but now she is a champ. She sits and listens to the story when she is supposed to, she follows simple commands and she understands the flow of her school day. It's pretty amazing to walk into a room full of 2 year olds and see them all follow directions in a calm manner! I have to say hats off to her teachers for having such patience, takes a special person to want to me surrounded by that many 2 year olds!

Brynn is finally coming around and enjoying her sister's company. I think that Ellie use to smother Brynn too much and so Brynn preferred not to play with/near her. Now, they love to play together, most of the time. My heart melts when I see Brynn just run over to Ellie and hug her. They love their bath time together, and it's nice to see them get along, cause I know it won't last forever.

We just love Brynn so much. We can't believe how different she is from her sister. They are pretty much polar opposites, so it will be interesting to watch her grow. Ellie was a difficult toddler, but as she gets bigger she is so smart and witty. I wonder what Brynn will be like when she is Ellie's age. We are having a great time watching her discover new things and enjoy life. We are looking forward to the next year with Brynnie!

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