Monday, July 11, 2016

Two and a Half

Poooooooor Brynn.... never has any blog posts about her.

Well, she is now two and a half and she is starting to stand her ground! We have seen her have a lot more tantrums lately, which aren't too bad (thanks to Ellie who broke us in).... It just makes me sad because it means she is getting older! My baby is no longer my baby, she is turning into a "big girl" and it makes me really sad.

We have been flirting with potty training lately, but have been very inconsistent. Brynn says "I go potty" all damn day long, but when she sits down, she really never goes. I think she has maybe gone three times total. It's a totally different experience than what we did with Ellie, but they are completely different kids so that's ok. I am hoping to have her trained before she goes back to school at the end of August, we shall see.

She's really been loving school, and she is always talking about seeing her "guys" at school. I love when I come to pick her up, seeing her engaging with her friends, it is so cute, then once she notices I am there she sprints toward me screaming "Mommy!!!" and gives me a huge hug. It really makes my day. Her language has really taken off lately as well. She is a bit hard to understand at times, but she is stringing words together and making sentences left and right.

She has been loving the pool and summer time. She wears her puddle jumper floaty and just swims all over the pool. If she could, I bet she would try to swim without it, but we aren't quite ready for that yet! She's also recently found her voice and has been making various loud screams and noises all over the house, it's super fun to listen to! Haha

Overall, Brynn is still a chill little lady. She would eat all day if you let her and it doesn't take much to make her happy. She doesn't really care for TV or movies yet, but she does love books, she could sit for hours and listen to someone read her books. We are so very blessed to have her.

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