Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My new Three-nager

Brynn is now officially three years old. Just like that. And I am still officially the worst mom blogger ever. No news there.

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, we started potty training at the end of August, when I was heading back to work. As you can see, it is now January, almost February, and we are still potty training! It has been a slow and steady process, but I know with each day we are improving. We hit a few bumps in the road and we are figuring those out now and I am hoping that we will have an accident-free life very soon. To elaborate, once we started to potty train I mentioned to the Dr. that I was concerned and having difficulty with Brynn's #2 because it had never been solid- in her entire life. The Dr. advised me to try probiotics, but at the time she was not too concerned as #2 takes longer when potty training anyway. Months and months went by and nothing really changed, so I decided to go back to the Dr., and this time she referred me to a GI Specialist. Again, GI specialist wasn't amused with our story, ordered some blood work which came back normal, and told me to give her Metamucil. Metamucil worked about 60% of the time, but what it did was create a formed stool that almost served as a plug- and then once the plug was out- well, back to the soft stool. So, we happened to have Brynn's 3 year check up when I was able to finally sit down with one of the pediatricians that I really like at Brynn's Dr's Office. She sat and listened to my concerns, listened to every step that we have taken with Brynn, and then seemed perplexed that more hadn't been done at the GI. She ordered more blood work, and a stool study. After two weeks, we got the results. Blood work was normal again, but the stool study showed that Brynn has what's called "Carbohydrate Malabsorption- with positive inhibiting factors" WHATTTT? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? ....Basically Brynn is either Lactose Intolerant or Fructose Intolerant. So, for now, we are omitting all dairy and we are going to see what happens. I am hoping and praying that it is the Lactose intolerance and not fructose. She isn't much of a dairy person anyway (Thank God!) But boy can this girl put down some fruit! She loves every single fruit under the sun so we really are hopeful that it is not a fructose intolerance. As for now, we will ride this out and see where we stand in a couple months.
In other Brynnie news, she's coming along just like any other 3 year old would. She's now barking orders at her big sister (who is extremely patient with her, thankfully), pushing and kicking, and throwing herself on the ground at times when things do not go her way. Sounds like a 3 year old to me! She is really into playing with her Peppa Pig toys recently and will sometimes be interested in playing dolls with Ellie. She is still very happy-go-lucky and is becoming a lot less shy around people we know. Her little vocabulary is growing day by day and she cracks us up with the things she says. We love this little person so very much, and we cannot believe how old she is getting.

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